Aujourd’hui encore,
IZAC continue son avancée
dans un univers où seule l’élégance
ne se démode jamais...

With a wealth of experience spanning over twenty-five years, and widely recognized by those in the know in the men’s fashion trade for having manufactured millions of items of clothing while staying in the shadows, the Rhoum family launched the first IZAC collection in 2003, in their showroom located in the famous Marais district in Paris.

Even if the brand name was somewhat born of a pure chance, the Rhoum family take pride in their choice of fabrics, which are mostly Italian, and in the quality of the finishes, which are not the sole preserve of the large luxury fashion houses. It is upon this solid foundation and in this spirit that the brand is rooted, while positioning itself in an intermediate niche, somewhere between the very high end and the medium segment. While modernizing the formality of suits, or transforming urban fashion into casual chic, IZAC has taken ownership of the codes of elegance. As a man with a reassuring aura and a responsible attitude, he is eager to develop a lifestyle that combines both ambition and discretion.

Taking his cue from his multi-brand network, the first branded store opened its doors in September 2007 on Rue Auber, close to the large Parisian department stores, and was an immediate success. At the same time, a second one followed in Lyon city center, and then another on Rue de Rennes in May 2008.

Today, IZAC continues to drive itself onward into a world where only elegance itself never goes out of fashion.